Dr. Marilyn Watts

Dr. Marilyn Watts is a retired Board Certified Pediatrician who became highly concerned with the dangers and over use of prescription medications in the medical profession and decided to step out and make a difference. This passionate, outspoken physician made it her business to write fewer prescriptions
for her patients, offer a more alternative and holistic form of care, and empower the masses with instructions for prevention and proactive care.

Dr. Watts is  pleased to see the growing awareness and sophistication of general wellness products and services across generations. When you consider the high cost of post symptomatic disorders and often the uneven playing field for access to care, learning to focus on prevention and maintaining general wellness is key.

"You could say that I have been raised from childhood in a culture of healing, including both traditional medicine and alternative medicine. My Dad, a medical doctor introduced me to the skills and diagnostic factors needed to make clinical observations and general prognosis, which set the platform for me pursuing a medical career . I gained an understanding and appreciation from my mother and grandparents of the medicines of the earth and its undeniable healing power as well as the spiritual state achieved through meditation and general inward reflection and how that greatly aids in the healing process. I look at therapeutic needs from a holistic perspective that integrates Mind, Body, & Soul...... Interestingly enough the practice of medicine is trying to catch up! Consistent with my holistic approach to healing, every therapeutic need is addressed with thoughtfully created products and services rooted in healing and a long history of effectiveness.; With the unique understanding that the whole being is truly equal to the wellness of its parts.  It is my vision to bring this Holistic approach/message everywhere at a time when it is truly needed and the general public is open to & receptive to it!"


Dr. Watts' goal is to bring an awareness to the meaning of true healthcare. To enlighten and educate on the true essence of living a healthy lifestyle without dis-ease through our own consciousness and proactive actions. "During my practicing years as a physician, I witnessed changes in the medical/pharmaceutical world that I just didn’t find “politically correct” and decided to make a difference. My desire to switch from the more modern practice of medicine to Ayurvedic medicine was established with the mindset to write less prescriptions and offer a more safe holistic form of total health care."



"My focus as a holistic physician and Reiki Practioner is to bring an awareness to the meaning of divine health. To enlighten and educate the true essence of living a healthy lifestyle without dis-ease through our own consciousness and proactive actions. My decision to transition from the practice of western medicine to the more eastern medicine approach, was established with the mindset to prescribe less medication and introduce a natural comprehensive approach using natural supplements, a more safe holistic form of care. Our body is designed to heal itself. Disease within ourselves is merely a dis-ease in our mental, spiritual, and emotional and physical being."

Dr. Watts’ focus is teaching people how to live a healthier more vibrant life by simply using natural supplements, healthy foods and practices, rather than pharmaceutical products intended on addressing symptoms only in the prevention and healing of various disease processes in the body. After years of much research and study, as well as my own personal health transformation, I have introduced Dr watts Organic Care. The same supplements I use


Dr Watts Organic Care products are 100% organic with vegan products available too.
Most important, NO ANIMAL TESTING.

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