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Acne Attacker Scrub


Organic acne skin care results

After 2 applications.

The Cause Of Acne


Acne is a skin disease that usually occurs when a person reaches puberty as well as our adult years where hormonal changes happen. This may be caused by abnormally excessive excretion of oily substances or sebum by the sebaceous glands, bacteria on your pores, and due to genetic factors.


Eruptions of acne are common on the face but they can as well be found on a person’s shoulders, chest, and back.  Naturally, these skin blemishes disappear when one passes his/her teenage years but there are certain cases that pimples stay even during adulthood.


Your complexion may seem to get worsen in the first few days of the remedy but this only means that impurities are coming out from your skin.  In day’s time, you will see how much your face has improved!





Clarifying Facial Cleanser: incredibly absorbent, refreshing one-step cleanser packed with extracts, vitamins and oils that will moisturize so as not to destroy your lipid barrier, while the charcoal deeply cleans all the bacteria away. This Clarifying Cleanser is very effective for blemished, oily, combination and normal skin types. It contains both a crème-based cleanser and surfactants.


Acne Attacker Scrub: An excellent organic & chemical free treatment for acne. More effective as benzoyl peroxide, but without the negative side effects or toxins.


Skin Rejuvenator: medicinal and cosmetic uses, repairs skin, builds cells, soothes eczema, psoriasis, & diaper rashes, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal,   full of antioxidants, reduces wrinkles, promotes healing for minor cuts & skin abrasions.


Sea Mineral Facial Toner: Toning is a critical, often often overlooked step of daily skin care. This step closes the pores, adjusts the pH of the skin and removes any remaining oil or dirt from the skin.


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