My Story

Dr. Marilyn Watts is a retired Board Certified Pediatrician who became highly concerned with the dangers and over use of prescription medications in the medical profession and decided to step out and make a difference. This passionate, outspoken physician made it her business to write fewer prescriptions for her patients, offer a more alternative and holistic form of care, and empower the masses with instructions for prevention and proactive care. Dr. Watts' insight is amazing. 


Dr. Watts' focus is teaching people on understanding how to live a healthier more vibrate life simply using FARMaceuticals; healthy foods, rather than PHARMaceuticals in the prevention and healing of various disease processes in the body.

Finally, after years of much research and study, as well as her own personal health transformation, she's ready to introduce "Farmaceuticals In A Box" to the world along with Dr Watts Organic Skin and Health Care founded in 2013. 

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