Hollywood Feeds Pet Store (Janet - store groomer)

Memphis, Tn.

1st Dog: Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix, healthy coat with a few tangles. I learned quickly that a little of this shampoo goes a very long way. When drying the dog his coat brushed out well.



2nd Dog: German Shepard Dog mix with short coarse hair and red skin patches. A small amount of the shampoo spread very well on the wet dog, lathered quickly and rinsed off great. I liked the end results. He felt and looked shiny but not greasy or oily.


3rd Dog: Bichon Frises, dirty with allergy skin ( scabs and hot spots). The shampoo gave her a very rich lather, significantly more than I have seen from other shampoos. It rinsed off quickly and very clean. Finished dog looked great and felt good. 


Conclusion: I was very impressed with the rich lather and how quickly this shampoo thoroughly rinsed off. No other shampoos that I have used come close in regards to lather or rinsing off so well. 

Dixie Livingston

Southaven, Mississippi

"So pleased with your product! I'm bathing my Yorkie with it. I love the scent and how it lathers up then rinses out so easily and clean!!! We're a fan and I'm spreading the word! Thank you!"

Camp Siebert (Tunica Humane Society Foster))

"This is a GREAT blog post on dog shapmpoos! We started using Dr.Watts dog shampoo when she was generous enough to send some for Junior. Now, she has sent some for sweet Jonah! This company is honest, caring, and produces a wonderful and cost efficient product. It smells amazing and works on long or short hair. Check this post out, and be on the lookout for Jonahs first bath pictures later today!"  


blog:  http://bit.ly/DRWattsPetShampoo

Junior Tunica Dog

"It was bath day!! We used Dr Watts Organic Skin & Health Care and it made for soft fur and skin as well as fun bubbles! Junior smells great!" - Junior Tunica Dog,   Tunica, MS

Heather Siebert

 "This shampoo is the BEST. The mange and secondary infection has junior really smelly. But once he is bathed in your shampoo, the smell is gone ( and not just right when he is done) and his flakey skin is gone. This family has now found their favorite shampoo. Thank you so much."


"It made his skin and fur so soft. I will have to do a before and after shot for you. ( I wish I would have thought about it when we were bathing thim). And it really smells soooooo good. I am very pleased."

Jodie Noe

I just used this on my American Bulldog and she smells fantastic and looks beautiful! Thanks for this great product!

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