Are you looking for an all-natural supplement that boosts your energy, supports fat loss and helps detox heavy metals like lead and mercury from your body? If so, a freshwater algae called chlorella may be exactly what you need. 


Benefits: Helps cellular detoxification, weight loss, cholesterol & triglycerides, increases blood sugar sensitivity, provides anti-inflammatory support, anxiety & depression, increases immune function, improves nutritional recovery, provides bioavailable B12 for vegans & vegetarians, GI health, eczema, cardiovascular support, decreases pain in fibromyalgia suffers, liver support, decreases the effects of aging.


Vegan Capsules: 100 % Vegan capsules for the encapsulation of our organic herbal supplements. These vegetable capsules contain no animal derived ingredients, starch, preservatives, wheat, or GMO materials, and they are made from pure cellulose from pine and poplar trees. Fast dissolving and easily digestible. 


90 day supply


Learn The Great Benefits of Our Organic Turmeric Capsules

3 Bottles of Dr Watts Organics Organic Turmeric Capsules

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