Stretch Marks

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The Cause is Twofold 


When your skin is stretching faster than your body can produce collagen, you are likely to form stretch marks. If you add a genetic tendency and any of the stress triggers that occur during pregnancy, puberty or weight gain, you have combination of factors working against you. When the skin is giving out under this pressure it is also forming hormones know as Glucocorticoids. The stress hormone Cortisol is probably the most common, and our bodies produce an abundance of it as a response to any stress or anxiety. Put all this together and you can see that stretch marks have both internal and external forces working in their favor. 


An Ideal Solution 


Fortunately, Dr Watts' 'Skin Rejuvenator' offers a perfect solution for all causes behind the stretch marks or the stress. On the outside, there is nothing better than using a Cold Pressed Coconut Oil to massage the affected area. Not only will it restore the skins elasticity, but it also provides important antioxidants to fight free-radical damage. For best results apply  2-3 times daily to keep skin elasticity up to prevent stretch mark development.

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