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I’m often asked why organic skin care products are better for you than lab-made ones. So I’ve compiled some good reasons that may make you think!


What you put on the skin enters your body also.

Did you know that 60% of what is applied to skin will enter your blood stream and thus your systems. The average woman applies 200 chemicals to her skin through cosmetics and skin care products alone during the course of a single day. I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s a HUGE amount of toxins!


Natural vs Organic?


There are many products out there that are ‘natural’. But the question I always ask myself is ‘if a flower is grown on a field next to a nuclear plant, it’s still natural, but is it full of beneficial compounds that my body can use or full of harmful ones?’ So by choosing certified organic products you can be sure that there’s been a closely monitored process that the farmer has gone through to make sure they deliver only the highest quality plants that have grown in rich soil and not been spoiled by pesticides or, in the case of the nuclear plant, radioactive particles! If you believe that the ingredients in skin care should improve your skin (and I do!), would you not want to feed the skin with only the best quality of ingredients? As opposed to chemicals that are forcing certain reactions in your skin? Feeding the skin with antioxidants, EFAs, vitamins and the occasional natural peptide will improve the health of the skin as a whole. Chemical lab-synthesized skin care forces chemical reactions locally wherever the product is applied and the chemicals may enter your system and then wreak havoc somewhere else.



Dr Watts Organic Care has  respect for nature that will also extend into our packaging and business practices. As we respect the environment, limit our exposure to chemicals, we also limit the agricultural exposure therefore allowing nature to thrive the way it was meant to be. These products also don’t tend to be tested on animals.


So, not only are you improving your skin and health, but you’re also contributing a little bit to a better world. It’s a win, win.


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